Strategic planning involves the communicating the new direction of the ministry to the key leadership of the church: the board of trustees, pastors and workers, not the whole congregation.

Call a meeting to assess the present position or the new revelation

Do a COST Analysis

After the step above, state what the desired future will look like in graphic details so that key leadership can envision the next high level God is taking them to as individuals or as a church. Write down the desired future in a simple language that can easily be communicated. The desired future or decisions reached should be very brief to be remembered easily.

  • Realistically agreed on the time, deadlines and cost of achieving the desired future
  • Prepare a detailed workable master plan that can be evaluated from time to time. See worksheet 1.
  • Communicate openly to those who have to be involved in the realization of the desired future.
  • Be flexible in the implementation plan and constantly be opened to the Holy Spirit for constant guidance.
  • Stay open to God always


Understanding this acronym will simplify the process of strategic planning.


Every key leader has a role to play in strategic planning. The initiatives must be supported by the Set man if he is not the initiator before success can be achieved.


The authority to achieve backed by the release of resources is crucial to the achievement of any strategy planned. The Set man must be seen totally committed and sold out on the plan for effective buy-in by the followers.


Change or any new order must be tactically communicated to ensure proper understanding and the motive behind the realization of the desired future must be clearly stated.


There is the need to support every individual and department involved by prayer and fasting by the leadership of the church. This will ensure divine speed for the execution of the plans agreed upon.


Delay may not be tactical. There is no point waiting till eternity to execute what’s planned on earth. As the results become evidential, more and more people will be involved in the plan.


  1. It makes the church to become focused, priority driven and not to pursue all available opportunities.
  2. It leads to accountability.
  3. Because effort will be directed towards achieving what is planned, it becomes easier to view the road map once in a while and see if the church is still on its route to the desired future.
  4. Strategic planning enables leadership to work together and input their experiences for a common goal.
  5. It gives room for coordinated, integrated and organized effort to be directed at the whole picture. Strength is conserved.
  6. Resources are best utilized and effectively directed to accomplish specified purpose.
  7. It provides motivation for leadership and other lay workers in the church.
  8. Decisions are not panic-driven. Panic leads not to see problems and challenges in its true perspective.


It is important to keep the connection with heavens open through prayers. We need to pray constantly to God to enable what has been planned and bring the plans to fruition. It is not by works, lest anyone should boast. We must also remember that Paul may plant and Apollo may water but is the almighty God who brings the increase.

If you have been praying in this direction to God and you fail to receive answer, it may that God wants you to step in obedience to what he has previously revealed and which you had planned before. You can’t get to the next level until you have done the previous instruction.

Strategic planning does not equal plans achieved. Pursue your plans with determination and persistence. It is in persistence and dedication that God honours faithfulness.  Be loaded with expectation as the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off.

Learn to build on small achievement and be grateful to God. As you appreciate him in small things, He will take you to the next level. Also learn to build on the big momentum. When morale and motivation are high, challenge your team to greater achievement.

Remember, your plan must be God’s plans for your life and ministry so that He can be in the plan with you. (Jeremiah 29:11). Never set your plan in the concrete. Remain open to the Holy Spirit. The plans are His so if He wants you to modify, change or drop it, just obey him. He knows better. (Acts 16:6)

Article By: Pastor Seyi Oladimeji

Seyi Oladimeji is the Chief Responsibility Office of Church Management Consult, a parachurch ministry outfit with a vision to strengthen the Church for the End-time harvest. He is a prolific writer who has authored several books including the fast-selling “Church Administration and Management”. He can be reached on

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