Pre-Membership Registration:


Membership of the Society is only accessible by the registered students. In order to become a registered student, an applicant must submit an application for registration made on the prescribed form which may be obtained at the Society’s offices, online or at the approved study centres on payment of the prescribed application and registration fees.


There are three (3) grades of memberships namely:

Student Membership:


Applicants should possess a minimum of diploma certificate in any discipline from a recognized institution of learning. He or she must have been an active member or staff in a local church or fellowship for at least three (3) years consistently.


Affiliate Membership:


Members qualified for this category must have been a church administrator or pastor with experience in church administration for at least five (5) years consistently with proof.


Certified Membership:


This is grade of membership is conferred by attending the society’s professional training programs; Basic and Advanced, and satisfying the practical experience requirement.


The classes are taught with case studies to help participants to solve practical problems based on the knowledge received. Upon completion of the two levels of training and satisfaction of the statutory requirements for membership, individuals are inducted as Certified Church Administrators (CCA).