• Event Time 2:00 pm-5:30 pm
  • Event Start Date July 31, 2015

The story of Job in the Scripture is very interesting and life transforming. However, it is quite tempting to streamline the focus of its embedded principles and lessons only to the devil’s attacks. On that premise, a perspective to consider is the demonstration of his expertise as an astute administrator and a minister of God. In essence, exploring the underlying principles of his greatness and outlining the practicability in the fulfillment of our ministry assignments in this present age will be an advantage.

Every ministry as an organization is constantly faced with challenges and circumstances that daily present themselves as insurmountable. In the same vein, organizations in the corporate and profit-making ventures also encounter similar issues daily.

The predicament of Job could be likened to a business owner, minister or ministry administrator. He saw everything he had laboured for years to build, in investments and resources, go down the drain in one day. That in itself is enough reason for any individual to want out on life. But, in spite of all his losses, Job stuck with his vision. He was tenacious enough to await the rebirth and reproduction of his dreams.

As an administrator, a ministry leader and even a congregation member, what would you say is your excuse for being discouraged? What do you see as an insurmountable challenge? When do you intend to step out of the captivity of your complaints, murmurs and the reason for discouragement? Why not take a few lessons from Job and let generations speak of your blessedness! Would you let the song be heard that you waited to see your ministry’s vision bear good fruit?
As you ponder on the grace, strength and faith available for your vision, plunge into the river of His Word of life and raise the standard for the release of your expectations.