Effective management of growing organizations suggests that managers and leaders must be on the cutting edge of relevant knowledge and skills in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives. While the bottom line for corporate organizations is defined in terms of profitability of business activities; church organizations focus primarily on reaching people for Christ with the aim of transforming and ultimately preparing them for God’s ultimate purpose.

To achieve this, a church or ministry organization needs to operate on sound management principles which are Bible-based, time-tested and result-oriented.

CASON (Church Administrators Society of Nigeria) AT A GLANCE

  1. It is the breeding ground of synergy for professional church administration.
  2. It is a centre for learning church organizations’ best practices and international acceptable standards.
  3. It is a body comprising competent, accountable and professional church practitioners.
  4. It is the first and most reputable institute for church leadership, administrative and management certifications with international affiliation.
  5. It is a platform where genuine men and women of grace network for competence and capacity building.
  6. It is a centre for charting an individual’s professional career path in church leadership, administration and management.
  7. It a place where General Overseers, Church Planters, Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors, Deacons, Lay leaders, Church Accountants, HR Managers, Unit Heads etc, are equipped and certified for professional church administration.



Membership of the Society is only accessible by the registered students. In order to become a registered student, an applicant must submit an application for registration made on the prescribed form which may be obtained at the Society’s offices, online or at the approved study centres on payment of the prescribed application and registration fees.