To bridge the knowledge gap
that exists between the Church
and the business world

Helping you to
achieve your dream of an
Effective Ministry

To promote the practice of
Church Administration as a
discipline in Africa

To equip church leaders
with requisite managerial skills
for organizational growth


The Church Administrators’ Society of Nigeria (CASON) has come as a knowledge bridge-builder for effective management of resources in churches and other faith-based organizations (FBOs)in Nigeria and Africa. Our mission is to promote the practice of Church Administration and Management as a discipline in Africa, and facilitate adherence to global ethical standards in Church Organization Management read more

CASON Membership

Membership of the society is restricted by passing the society’s professional examinations: the Basic, Advanced or Professional Level, and satisfying the practical experience required. There are three grades of professional memberships namely: Registered Church Administrator (RCA),Certified Church Administrator (CCA),Certified Church Administration Professional(CCAP) read more

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The training received in the CASON certification programme enables one with a business or other background to acquire knowledge and aptitude unique to church administration. Churches employing a CASON member can have a greater confidence in the administrator’s understanding of, and exposure to global standards of church administration principles.